Dior Joy

Dior Joy


The aromatic identity of the new JOY by Dior presents spontaneity, purity and wealth. All the joy is captured in a fragrance, characterized by an aura of softness and energy. An ode to enjoyment and life.
An Eau de parfum that radiates from the bright smile of flowers and citrus, the gentle caress of the woods and the serenity of the musks. A fragrance with thousands of aspects but at the same time crystal clear.

Νότες Κορυφής: Εκχύλισμα από μανταρίνι Σικελίας


Νότες Καρδιάς: Εκχύλισμα σανταλόξυλου από την Σρι Λάνκα


Νότες Βάσης: Συμφωνία λευκών musk
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